Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, for forever I've been talking about finally taking my Singer Prelude out of the box that it's sat in for 2 1/2 years and finally I did it last night! I've already made two things! I'm so excited about them! :) I'm not too fantastic since I haven't sewed since high school (almost 7 years ago) :)
The END... not sure what I will tackle next but I'd really like to find some sweet fabric while I'm at HOME at Hobby Lobby so that I can make either a convertible car seat cover or even a diaper bag!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm trying to get better about writing on this thing! lol... I'm not very good at being consistent with things ha ha! If I tell you I'm going to do something I'm gonna do it but... random things I have issues with keeping up with. Examples... All housework: dishes, laundry, craft table clean, toilets eww... lol (I do have about one day a week or so when I go nuts though) ; any kind of diet; blogging; I start things and don't finish them (have gotten significantly better in this area since being married) and MANY more things that I have issues with keeping up with.


Yesterday was a good day... one of my good friends Nicole came to town visiting her family and she came by with her two sweet children Maddalyn 2 and Jackson 7 months. Jackson was born exactly one week prior to Avery! :) We had a good time catching up... She's such a sweet heart and I really miss her living here!

She came back last night along with Tiffany, Megan, Krits, and Trav to hang out and watch the Bachelor! :) I always have a good time when they come over no matter what we're doing... Whether it be Megan's ridiculous impressions of people, Kristi's dancing or Travis' crazy facial expressions I always end up with a sore stomach from laughing soo hard! :) Happy the Bachelor is finally over and glad Tenley can find someone better! PRAISE the LORD! :)

This week starts our mission's conference with three missionary families! I love Mission's week every year! It's so much fun getting to know the families when they come! One family that will be here, we know from our church in Springfield. It'll be nice getting to hang out and see them again. They have three precious children two that I haven't met yet! The oldest was Avery's age when we first met them! So crazy! :)

I guess that's about it... not a whole lot else going on in our life right now... 10 days until Texas!

OHHHH I won a giveaway!!! Isn't that nuts? I seriously never win anything... I'm not gonna post what I received BUT it was definitely very gracious and will go towards a new carseat for Avery! YAY!

Go to my friend Kristin's blog to check out her photography skills! She's also the girl I purchased my camera from! :) We met in college, she's a doll and we share the same birthday! http://kristinpartinphotography.blogspot.com/