Wednesday, December 16, 2009

fun times!!!

My dear friend Carrie came to visit me this past weekend and it was such a breath of SWEET FRESH AIR! :) I love her so much... the pictures up top are from back in the day and then the next ones are of us before she got on the plane to leave me!

Carrie and I first met while we were both still in college and also counselors in the youth group at our church, Seminole Baptist Temple! We had a blast with those girls and I find myself sometimes missing the simpler ministry that we had then... lol probably because we didn't have to take care of many big problems... our job was to hang out with the girls and develop relationships with them and that was one thing we were good at! :)

Ministry can be difficult now... the higher standard set for being a youth pastor's wife is something I find very hard to live up to. I am human too which means I too make mistakes and am very FAR from perfect. One thing I know, I wouldn't trade it for the world.... I love our kids, especially our girls... some are hard to reach but I appreciate the fact that they are unique in their own way and love that not all of them are the same!

Anyways, although I am EXTREMELY blessed by the female counselor that we have with us now, I do miss having Carrie by my side! We're pretty good sidekicks if I do say so myself, we level each other out perfectly... and I don't feel like I have to be something I'm not when she's around! :) I absolutely love the feeling when you have a friend that you can be completely real with and know that they aren't going to judge you. A friend that can sometimes be closer than family...

It's actually the subject of our last girl's bible study... do you have a friend that is closer than family? It is very important to have that confidant that you can rely on when you need advice... someone who can tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear! :) I am truly blessed to have several friends that I can say are totally genuine and love me for me... and just GET me no matter what! :) Love you ladies! You all know exactly who you are! Carrie is one of them! ha ha another random post from Amie... ahh well... it's nice to just journal on here, I do enjoy it! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

to add...

Some of you may also know that for the past two years, Sheldon and I have not done Christmas presents. Not because we're against them but by choice in order to pay more on school debt.

I'm a giver... I love everything about it... the thought that goes into what present will be perfect for each member of my family, the time spent SEARCHING for that perfect item, and the excitement held by the receiver's face when they open our present! It's the best!
SOooo ... as you can imagine... The past two years have been very hard.

In talking with many of my friends this year and even last... I've begun to see a different side. I refuse to cause my family to struggle and fore go visiting my family in Texas, just so we can buy one another presents.
Sometimes the gift buying can overtake us and shift our focus to material things instead of thinking of Christ. This Christmas season I see so many people hurting and I am thankful for the choice we've's moved me to be so much more aware of the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas... Jesus' birth!

Don't get me wrong, I CAN'T wait until we can buy presents for people again. It's a luxury! I know now that when that time comes I will be more aware and appreciative of all he's given us! He is the reason for the season! Christmas is the best!!!

Random entry I am well aware, but none the less, something that's been on my mind today!

Simply haaavin, a wonderful Christmas time! :)

Well, if you know me... you know that Christmas is my most favorite time of year! I usually have ALLL of my decor out the week after Halloween... Yes I know you think I'm nuts, well I SIMPLY don't care lol. I have my reasoning. Being away from home, decorating for Christmas makes it feel more comfortable. SO that's what I do! :)

BUT since we moved right after Halloween this year I've been unpacking and organizing instead of decorating... Sad times! But I did manage to get everything up the week after Thanksgiving. So the house is feeling spectacularly warm AND since it's getting cooler outside... it's perfect timing! :) We took our Christmas pictures this past Sunday and I am in love with them, Donna Bailey is my hero!

After Ave was born we took her professional pictures which I have never managed to post on here. BUT when we ordered copies we decided to do a Christmas Card/ Birth Announcement, YES 5 months after she was born... so that's why we took another Christmas picture so that everyone can have an updated pic as well! :) Here are the pictures that will be on the card...