Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting there!

Well this Friday will make me 34 weeks... which is absolutely insane! I cannot believe that time has flown by this quickly! I have 2 1/2 weeks of work left and then it's off to camp with the kiddos!

I'm going to miss Maddie Grace so much... I've been taking care of this precious girl since she was 3 months old and in just one short week she'll be 2. Again, TIME FLIES!!!! I definitely feel like she's apart of my own family and I am already beginning to become territorial over her with the new nanny that's coming in... she's mine still! :) Avery and I will have to go over and visit with her often!

Although it is sad leaving this chapter of my life, I am so excited to begin the next... becoming a mommy! I have been having frequent dreams about her arrival... some precious and some just plain weird, but they say that's normal during pregnancy lol. My last dream was yesterday during my nap... I was visiting my grandmother (who passed away in 2005) and we were talking about baby Avery and me being a mommy. I had my hand on my stomach and I could feel her hand pressing against mine and all of the sudden she popped out of my belly... NO LIE... I gave birth not through the birth canal but through my freaking stomach! lol weirdest ever! But this just shows you how much I have been thinking about her and wanting to meet her so soon! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Florida Baby Shower (Cont.)

All because of the two very special ladies above... my day was so extremely special! :) When I walked in there were near 60 ladies there from our church! There was a crib set up with all of the presents in and around it... can we say overwhelming?

I've said this before but when you aren't from somewhere you don't always feel at home... which is how I feel quite often here in Florida.... sometimes I'm not sure why but other times I just feel out of place. Because I feel like this a lot, I wasn't quite sure how the shower would go... but it made me feel special they were doing one none the less... I can say now that the ladies in our church went above and beyond themselves to make me feel at home on Saturday and for that I am extremely blessed. It's so nice to be proven wrong sometimes! ;) I feel so overwhelmed with how much people showed they care and I appreciate it so much. One thing that happened that was amazing was, Cindy's Sunday school class (my mother in law), took it upon themselves to gather up money from the entire class in order to give to me in cash so that Sheldon and I were able to buy a big item that we still needed. THEY GAVE US NEARLY $250!!!! (That night we went straight to BabysRus and bought the stroller travel system we registered for!) Talk about a good slap in the face! AMAZING! The whole time was just very emotional! AGAIN, I knew God would provide for us in every way needed but yet again, I AM SHOCKED! lol and I shouldn't be! :) HE IS GOOD! Thank you so much to everyone that took part in the shower and helped to make it special for Avery and I, we appreciate it so much and I cannot wait for her to meet and get to know all of you! :)

AMAZING, yet again... why am I surprised?

Well we had our Florida shower this past Saturday and it was amazing yet again... Mike and Mickey came down on Friday night with Emma so that Mickey and Emma could go to the shower with me! We went to Cheddars and watched Wipeout... and then crashed of course! They're parents already so they get tired early too but Sheldon and I are definitely there too! Sheldon fell asleep before everyone on the couch lol... such a nerd!

Saturday morning Mike went with Sheldon up to the church so Sheldon could help set up for the Men's prayer breakfast... after that they went fishing! Mickey and I got up and started getting ready a little later and then headed to the shower at the church. I got pretty nervous on the way because sitting in front of people opening up presents is so awkward lol. If you've been married or had a baby you know exactly what I'm talking about! My friend Nicole was able to come to the shower so having she and Mickey there made everything all the better! I'll post more about our day and more pictures later on, for now I have to go to work!