Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great day!

Today started the first day of our mission's month! We had a church wide prayer breakfast to pray for all of our missionaries! :)

Afterwards Avery and I went with Sheldon's Mom and dad to Tampa for a consignment sale! Granny found out I was going to she snuck a few bucks into our account so I could get some Summer clothes for Ave :) she's precious! Really missing my family in Texas this past week... It's hard when you don't have plans for the next time you'll see each other. Airline prices sky rocketed for us over their spring break which is preventing us from neon able to plan something! Working on a few Orders this next week, trying to get some things done before Avery and I leave for Springfield for my dear friend Carrie's wedding :) hopefully I can post some pictures in the next few days of what I'm accomplishing! :) happy Sunday y'all! Hope each of you have a good church home you attend and are being fed regularly! If you need a good boost check out the Proverbs 31 Women's blog... I love love love their daily devotions! :)

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